Events are our opportunity to get in front of the people who matter most. From serving up delicious cocktails to running through our brand story, we always make sure to connect with everyone in the best way possible. And we’ve been doing a lot of this recently.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of exhibiting at Imbibe Live, a leading annual exhibition for the UK licensed on-trade. The show hosts a range of drinks brands, wholesalers, portfolio companies and venues from the UK and beyond. Armed with a slushy machine and a ton of stock, we teamed up with One Gin, along with Cushiedoos and Haycocks No.9 , to serve up some drinks to impress. Joe Wood, resident London bartender and Liquor to Lips Ambassador, mixed up a number of incredible cocktails including a take on a Manhattan, served straight up.

Imbibe started on Monday and we got off to a flying start. We made our way around a number of exhibitor stalls with the aim of building out our on-trade connections. Accompanied by a bottle of Double Standard, we sampled and we told our story. We had a number of great conversations and took the first step in lining up some fantastic collaborations.

To date, a lot of our listings are throughout Scotland, which makes sense as we are based here. This has given us a huge amount of experience, which we will use when expanding into the London market in the near future. However, this will be an enormous task and we’re certainly not underestimating the road ahead!

Conference doors closed for Day One at 5pm and Andrew Lennie invited us over to Mac & Wild for the trade launch of Aqua Vitae by Lindores Abbey Distillery. We drank excellent cocktails and ate awesome Scottish food including Haggis Pops. Overall, a great evening and we’d recommend trying out Aqua Vitae, both neat and mixed.

Day Two started at 10am and we were good to go… post coffee and recovery snack. We spent most of our time manning the stall, trying to speak to as many visitors as possible. We filmed a live video with Joe, handed out tray after tray of whisky and played around with bitters from Ms Betters (turns out that their Smoke and Oak makes for a next-level Old Fashioned).

We also made up a take on a Penicillin with Haycock’s No.9, which made for a refreshing serve with plenty of citrus and smoky notes coming through. One to work on, but it may become an official cocktail in the near future. Either way, be sure to check out No.9.

7 hours later, it was closing time. Next up, we went to the after-party at the legendary CAFE Pacifico. If you’re a fan of tequila or mezcal then be sure to give them a visit the next time you’re in London. The food is also incredible!

Day over, event over and a huge amount of contacts, experience and learnings taken. All in all, a great way to spend 2 days. We’ll be back next year… and the year after that. Thanks @ImbibeUK!

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