DIY Cocktails

Cocktails. There’s one for everyone. Visit any decent cocktail bar and you’ll be amazed by the inventiveness of the mixologists behind each creation. From London to Tokyo, stopping off in every major city around the world, there’s no limit to the innovation that’s currently going on in the cocktail space.

However, trying to replicate cocktails at home is a completely different game for a number of reasons and so we decided to team up with a few experts in order to simplify the complexities. In other words, we’ve mixed up a few DIY cocktails that ANYONE can make at home.


First, there’s an art to making any cocktail. Whether you’re watching a bartender quickly switch between numerous ingredients or taking a crack at a classic at home, it’s important to get the essentials right. So it goes without saying that there is an element of skill in the formation of a drink. Similar to cooking or photography, anyone can cook food/ snap a picture. But there’s a big difference between a professional meal/ photograph and an amateurs’ attempt. So, the first hurdle we needed to cross was ease of implementation, which we solved by developing a step by step guide for you.

Second, ingredients are expensive and there’s a number of variables in every cocktail. For example, if you decide to make pornstar martinis at home, you’ll need: vanilla vodka (£20), Passoa (£10), Prosecco (£9.99), passion fruit (£1.25), lime juice (£1.00) and agave syrup (£2.50). That’s a total of £44.74 to make one cocktail. Now, obviously you can make quite a few drinks with your recently bought ingredients, but most people will make a few and then get a little tired of pornstar martinis. So, the second hurdle we needed to tackle was the expense of buying multiple ingredients, which we solved by having PeatReekers as the only spirit, with additional inexpensive ingredients.

Third, and we’ll keep this as our final point, many ingredients for classics and beyond are hard to get a hold of. You won’t find strawberry liqueur in many super markets, a staple for making a strawberry daiquiri. This means that you’ll probably end up sourcing your ingredients from Amazon, which is a tad more costly (if you don’t have Prime) and more time intensive. So, the third hurdle we needed to tackle was accessibility and we solved this by only including ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket.


We were thinking about the best way to showcase each drink and ended up deciding to shoot a video for every creation. Shot in Edinburgh at Dragonfly with the help of Ross Bryant behind the bar, Kyle Usher behind the camera and Adam Dewar on the edit (plus camera 2), we have pieced together a quick paced video and snap of each cocktail.With regards to methodology, each drink appears in the following format:

    Title – a name that relates to the PeatReekers’ story, ingredients used and final product.
    Ingredients – we didn’t have to search too far for ingredients to work with; they were all in our local supermarket.
    Method – a breakdown of the steps required to make your own version.
    Serve – our recommended way to serve up your version.
    Garnish – the finishing touch that compliments the flavour profile of the drink.
    Drinkware – our recommendation for the glass type to serve your version in.
    About – the reasoning behind everything.

With all of the above set in place, we’re ready to reveal the cocktails. We mixed up a total of six that vary in style, but each drink is easily replicable and accessible by simply spending a few pounds at your local store. We spent less that £20 buying the ingredients for ALL the cocktails and could have made each drink AT LEAST 10 times. The only other thing you need is a bottle of Double Standard.


In true spirit, we need to create an air of suspense and for this reason we’re going to release each drink over the next six weeks. We’ll be posting a video with the make-up every Friday and a still with the recipe on the following Monday. Both pieces of content will be posted on our Instagram and you can check out cocktail no.1 now.

Be sure to visit our page next Friday for cocktail no.2. And on a final note, remember that we have FREE SHIPPING until January, but feel free to use the code BLACKFRIDAY at any time this week to get an additional £5 off. Happy Friday!

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