World Whisky Day ’19

It’s that time of year again. The time to pay homage to the wonderful world of whisky. A day that was founded by Blair Bowman and continues to grow in popularity year on year.

Last year we ran a pop-up bar at the official World Whisky Day event in Edinburgh. We sampled a bunch, mixed up a tonne of cocktails and chatted about all types of whisky with people from every corner of the globe. This year we’re heading south to Marlow for Pub in the Park and we’re on a mission to encourage more people to choose Scotch. With 3 days (Friday – Sunday) of festival fun, we have plenty of time to mingle with the locals and get them to drink a dram or two.

Now, as we know, whisky can be an intimidating drink and it’s not for everyone. As a result, people often tend to make an involuntary “whisky face” when they try a new whisky for the first time. This may be positive (often accompanied with a lick of the lips), negative (we’ve heard whisky described as “death” before) or impartial (a shrug of the shoulders). Whatever the result, we will be capturing people’s reactions with the aim of encouraging as many people as possible to upload the result with the hashtag #mywhiskyface.

If you’re in Marlow this weekend then drop by and see us. We’ll have plenty of samples ready and waiting. If you’re not in the area, then we’d recommend you find a local World Whisky Day event to celebrate this Saturday. Whisky, whether it’s Scotch, Irish, American, Japanese, South African, Indian or any other type, is a truly incredible spirit. It’s totally diverse with each whisky having it’s own unique properties and we believe that there is a whisky for everyone…even if you don’t think so yet.

So join us as we toast the guys at White Light Media who will be running the world’s largest annual celebration of whisky!

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