Peatreekers whisky draws on the spirit’s rebellious history paying tribute to the renegade Scots of centuries past who distilled their own magical “water of life” in hidden glens and woodland, leaving their clothes “reeking” from the smoke of their peat fires.

Hunted down by excise-men intent on cracking down on their illicit trade – and usually in search of a few bottles of their own in return for turning a blind eye – the outlaw distillers became known as ‘peatreekers’.

Our secret blend of Islay malts is aimed at celebrating the Peatreekers story bringing it today’s whisky drinker. Peatreekers Double Standard (40% vol) tips its hat to the “double standards” of the old tax men and is inspired by the independent and unorthodox distillers of the 18th century.

Founder of Peatreekers, Calum Leslie isn’t seeking to challenge the industry rather capture and celebrate the rebellious spirit of the peatreekers of old.

“Whisky has been enjoyed by all walks of life for centuries.

“We’re celebrating the stories that reflect the darker, more rebellious side of whisky, bringing them to the attention of many younger whisky drinkers who might not be aware of its roots. We are aiming to help open them up to the world of whisky in an engaging way by bringing the Peatreekers story to life.”

Peatreekers celebrates the industry’s heritage; a spirit lovingly prepared at illicit stills using crisp, clear water and amid unspoiled Highland and Islands scenery by rebels who thumbed their noses at the establishment.

According to whisky specialist Blair Bowman, founder of World Whisky Day, the blended malt is the colour of antique brass, with a peaty nose that conjures up fresh wood shavings, honeysuckle and dried apricots with dusty leather books.

Spicy, smoky and warming, Peatreekers unique blend takes drinkers on a journey of boiled sweets mixed with chocolate, vanilla and warm peat fires, back to a rebellious age when whisky was the drink of the people.

The first batch of 250 bottles are now on sale, these contain a handwritten authenticated bottle number and come with a Double Standard tasting miniature, so all you whisky enthusiasts can savour the taste without cracking the seal on that potentially valuable Double Standard First Batch bottle.

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