Peatreekers was founded for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to bring the stories of the darker side of whisky back to life.

This isn’t an idea, a whim or a venture – it is our burning passion. For too long whisky has been seen as closed off, only enjoyed by those with knowledge and air of superiority. But in the 18th century, whisky was enjoyed by all – no matter their walk of life. And it was the original renegades who produced the finest whisky in the land.

Watch our video and join us as we explore the history of the peatreekers with leading whisky experts Charles Maclean and Blair Bowman.

The peatreekers were the brave few who defied Royal decree in 18th century Scotland to produce illegal whisky. So called because the smell of peat clung permanently to their clothes, the peatreekers produced the nation’s favourite whiskies.

With their illicit stills hidden in secluded woodland and hills, the peatreekers were careful to avoid prying eyes. The only indication they had been there was the blackening of nearby trees.

Three centuries on, we’re bringing that renegade spirit back, embracing the peatreekers and their struggle against the establishment.

Our burning passion is to bring the stories of the darker side of whisky back to life – to celebrate the rogues, the everyday man. Inspired by these whisky rebels, Peatreekers is a brand formed to share the same characteristics as the original black trees – distinct, strong, and proud.

Focusing on producing blended malt scotch whisky, containing a variety of components, perfectly combined together to create a unique drink, to be enjoyed when you want, however you want.

We will stand with the rebels, rogues and renegades. We walk a different path; we will stand out and be different – unashamedly unbowed, just like the peatreekers.

So join us, and realise that life is about adventure, it is about celebrating the unique, and that life isn’t measured in years; it’s measured in drams.

A closeup shot of a bottle of Peatreekers Double Standard in a field of grass

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