Double Standard (First Batch)

Islay, Scotland

The Double Standard is an Islay blended malt whisky inspired by the defiance, bravery, and cunning of Scotland’s forgotten illicit distillers.

When caught smuggling whisky, the peatreekers had a choice to make: donate a few bottles to the corrupt excisemen and keep the majority of their contraband, or lose it all.

This whisky is our tribute to those officials who chose to operate the Double Standard. Come read more about the story that inspired it all.

First Batch

The first 250 bottles of the Double Standard include a handwritten bottle number and signature by the founder, Calum Leslie. Also included is a Double Standard tasting miniature, just in case you don’t want to crack the seal on your Double Standard First Batch bottle.

All First Batch orders are guaranteed for Christmas and will start shipping on 10/12/2017

We’re all out of the first run of the Double Standard, but you can still buy the Double Standard here.

Case, Bottle, and Miniature of the Peatreekers Double Standard ProductsA bottle of the Peatreekers Double Standard.The case of the Peatreekers Double Standard.Calum Leslie, founder of Peatreekers, signing a bottle of the Double Standard.Detail of the wax stamp on the bottle.Closeup of the Peatreekers Double Standard case.Detail of the Peatreekers emblem on the top of the case.A closeup shot of a bottle of Peatreekers Double Standard in a field of grassA bottle of the Peatreekers Double Standard in a leather satchelA bottle of the Peatreekers Double Standard, 70cl.

Tasting Notes


Antique brass


Fresh wood shavings, honeysuckle and dried apricots with dusty leather bound books. Salty peat smoke lingers in the background with hints of tarmac and spices.


Boiled sweets mingle with peat fires and vanilla pods. Then digestive biscuits and milk chocolate. Spicy, smoky and warming with a creamy mouth-feel.


Long with wisps of sweet smoke.

Tasting notes supplied by Blair Bowman, founder of World Whisky Day.

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  • A bottle of the Peatreekers Double Standard, 70cl.

    Peatreekers Double Standard, 70cl

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